Explorers! Once again a new update is incoming, when will the impending 1.7 reach us? Well we’re not entirely sure, but what we do know is that it’s likely to be very soon!

With that in mind we’re here today to discuss the different speculations and what we hope to see in the next update. So, without further ado…


The hottest topic being discussed right now is the dreaded Dracoceratops. Wether you love it or you hate it, I think we can all agree that there is more than likely a nerf on the horizon. With that being said if DC is hit with the nerf stick, does that leave room for an even more powerful unique? If that were to happen who knows what the other ingredient could be? If you have any thoughts or ideas we’d love to hear them! Personally I’d love to see it mixed with Erlikosaurus Gen 2! I’m pretty sure we all have stacks of it’s DNA sitting there at the moment which is completely useless.


New Battle Arena

For a good while now, we have had 10 battle arenas. Training Grounds, Fallen Kingdom, Mt. Sibo, S.S. Arcadia, Nublar Jungle, Badlands, Lockdown, Sorna Marshes, Jurassic Ruins, Lockwood Estate and finally Aviary which unlocks at 4500. Which means that there are a huge amount of players stuck in Aviary. New Battle Arenas unlocking at intervals of 500 or even 1000 trophies more than the last would bring a whole new goal to the game. I don’t know about you guys but it has always been a sort of personal goal of mine to unlock that final arena and move on to the next stage. Hopefully this time they will give higher ranked players the option of taking advantage of the One Time Offers which are usually associated with unlocking new arenas. As when Lockwood Estate and Aviary were added to the game, it resulted in a number of players dropping arenas in order to be able to purchase them. Thus bringing a whole new world of pain to those who were rightfully sitting at those lower tropphy counts.


Aquatic Creatures

Word on the street is that we may see the introduction of Aquatic Creatures to JWA!!! EXCITING. This one absolutely blows my mind, there are so many questions – Will they be locked to large bodies of water? Will they simply have a sort of puddle underneath them? Will they battle in the regular arenas? Will they get a new arena devoted to them alone? What will they do to the state of the current meta? Will any of this even happen or are we all just getting excited over nothing? Who knows! I am super excited to find out the answers to all of these questions more than any of the others but until the time comes I’m really looking forward to hearing what you all think about the possibility of getting a tail slap from a Mosasaurus!

Bug Fixes

This comes up every. single. patch. Bug Fixes! Why do ludia never fix the things that are already broken before adding shiny new distractions so that we forget all about them? Main areas of concern i’ve been hearing a ruckus about are.

Connection Losses, how frustrating is it when you’re ‘waiting for opponent’ only to find that in actual fact your opponent has already been kicking your hypothetical butt all over the arena without you even being present to defend yourself? Not only that but these connection losses seem to be responsible for having to reset the game after every friendly match and every time you want to write something in the in game chat.

Speed Indicator, have you ever selected your move based on that super handy little speed indicator telling you you’re faster? only to immediately realise that it’s full of lies? Me too! From reading the forums the general consensus is that we should be able to figure it out for ourselves, learn your dinos speeds and you’ll never fall foul. But please tell me why we should have to do that? When there’s a perfectly good (or what should be good) speed indicator. We have enough to think about in those mere 15 seconds that we have to decide which creature/move to use. Sort it out Ludia!

Scents, I cannot tell you the amount of times I have lost spawns and good ones at that, purely because the bus/train/car i’m riding in moves too far from where a dinosaur has spawned whilst using a scent. Being a passenger in a moving vehicle is the optimum time to hunt. You cover ground fast enough to pass through several zones and in my opinion they’re also an ideal situation for running scents. So why is it that if you move too far away they disappear from your map? When I say too far the distance is minimal and therefore you lose whatever has spawned. Hopefully this can be amended in the next update making scents far more useful because I for one, am sick of running them from my house and getting nothing but diplocaulus spawn.


Another big topic of discussion of late has been the lack of tools for Alliance Leaders. Currently there is no way for the leader of an alliance to possibly figure out which of their 49 members are active players. Who’s donating? Who’s cotributing to the alliance missions? How do they know, Short of using an entirely different platform to discuss it with said members there is no reasonable method of figuring this out. Potentially adding some form of tool where the leaders could see how much/ how often DNA from each member has been donated could negate all of the uncertainty. Akin to that, adding new roles such as moderator roles would also take some of the weight of running an alliance off of one person. people have lives to live and can’t always be around to help whenever one of a whole bunch of people need something. Not only that but a lot of alliances are international so people are playing at different times.

In addition to the above changes, it would be really nice to see some changes in the alliance mission rewards Week in and out we’re completing a series of missions and getting the same DNA every week. A lot of alliances aren’t reaching rank 5 in the defense category because there just doesn’t seem to be any great incentive to subject yourself to playing hundreds of battles for the sake of some useless DNA. If some usefull DNA like maybe Irritator was added, I am certain people would try much harder.

Flying Creatures

Wow! Are they really adding fliers to the game? … Seriously though you wouldn’t even know they exist! Last patch they finally decided to bless us with two Unique Flying Creatures. Not only do they both use the same pterosaur, but it’s also locked to parks! on top of that the two uniques that it does actually create if you work your butt off running epic scents in a park, are situational at best. All that grinding for something that more than likely won’t end up with a spot on your team is ridiculous. These Fliers need a huge buff to put them on par with the land dwelling creatures that are running the arena currently.



Finally my last hope for our next update is that we are lucky enough to get a real migration! Personally, I live and work in L3 and it is exhausting only being able to catch the same things Monday – Friday. Anyone who knows me will know my colourful reactions to having endless Diplocaulus spawn from every scent I ever use. Hopefully they will finally listen to us and move the dinos around, to give everyone no matter where they live a chance to collect the DNA they need.

Parting Words

And with all that aside, I am seriously looking forward to this next update and what the future brings for those of us who like me, are addicted to this game! We of course would love to hear your thoughts on all the topis discussed above! Happy Hunting!

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