As we wait for any word at all (ANYTHING PLEASE!!!) on when update 1.7 drops, and as we anticipate more people will be using Megalosuchus with the new changes, we bring you a 1.6 guide for what might be a very common 1.7 dinosaur! Megalosuchus!

Note: The following is in the patch notes for move changes.

  • Pinning Strike becomes Definite Strike
  • Critical Impact becomes Defense Shattering Impact
  • HP increased from 4260 to 4500.

Note, the graphic below still does not reflect the changes to Megalosuchus for 1.7.

Megalosuchus User Guide

In the land of hybrids there’s one that when mentioned most JWA players say they absolutely love, or couldn’t care less about.  At first glance, she can seem a very underwhelming hybrid to go after – her speed and attack are pretty average, only 5% crit chance, no armor, but an above average health pool.  Plus, the DNA needed to fuse her and make Megalosuchus really makes some people wonder why anyone would want to create this beast, being made from Megalosaurus and Gorgosuchus.

With Gorgosuchus being a great mid-tier tank buster, and Kaprosuchus used to make Spinotasuchus, why would you want to ever use that DNA to make Megalosuchus?  The answer is Megalosuchus is a JOAT. A jack of all trades. Okay, not quite all trades as there are definitely situations and creatures where she doesn’t fare well in or against.  But on average, against many opponents, she can stand toe to toe and at least hold her own.

The above shows Megalosuchus’ moveset and statistics in 1.6. Let’s take a look at her potential disadvantages first.  The biggest and most obvious to most people is her lack of a cleansing move.  That means any slow, distraction, bleed, etc, she’s going to have to deal with and taken into account when playing her.  This also means that Megalosuchus is highly vulnerable to bleeds, unless she’s switched out. Also not having inherited any of Gorgosuchus’ shield breaking abilities can be a hindrance at times. Overall these drawbacks don’t serve to make her unusable, though potentially situational at times. But with update 1.7, all that will change, as she inherets not one but TWO defense shattering attacks, one that even beats/scrubs cloak or evasive abilities, as well as some more health.

One of the biggest advantages that Megalosuchus has is the ability to be unpredictable many times.  With a kit that consists of Pinning Strike, Ferocious Strike, Critical Impact, and Short Defense, it can easily be said that unlike many other creatures she doesn’t have a standard opening or playstyle.  However, because of this Megalosuchus tends to have a higher learning curve to play effectively than most other creatures in game! It may be tempting to want to open with Ferocious Strike immediately when bringing her out, but this isn’t always going to be your best option.

When playing Megalosuchus, take a few seconds and evaluate your opponent and what they are likely to do, as well as keep in consideration of who will be going first.  Going up against a tank or something speedy? Many times Short Defense is your best first option to mitigate incoming damage as much as possible early on. Against a tank buster you obviously don’t want to do this and Ferocious Strike will be a much better option.  But even more interesting is the addition of Definitive Strike to the kit over pinning strike. When facing off against Erlidominus or Indominus Rex or Indoraptor, suddenly Megalosuchus has a clear way to get rid of that cloaking move.

That brings me to what may be Megalosuchus’ largest advantage – her counter attack.  Not only does she have a full 1.0x counter attack, but it’s an armor piercing counter attack!  Versus a creature with armor she will do more damage when counter attacking than with a regular turn attack.  While her attack may seem low overall, against an unarmored opponent, with Ferocious Strike active and the counter attack, Megalosuchus will pump out 2500 damage per turn at level 26!  There’s also the fun of bringing her in against a creature that is faster than yours, but about to die, and watching your opponent’s creature perish after their attack. Most people don’t seem to anticipate a swap to a creature with counter-attack and don’t prepare for it, or simply have no means to prepare for it.

As with certain other creatures in game, Megalosuchus needs to be leveled a few times to truly start being effective.  She may not have a home on your team as you start creating stronger legendaries and uniques, but she is a very solid mid-tier hybrid with lots of potential.  Not to mention being useful in pretty much any stage of a battle – from a scouting opener, to a mid game surprise, to a solid closer. She takes a little more to learn than other dinos, but she is well worth it in the long run! And it seems Ludia has only made her more powerful going forward!