Explorers! The full release notes for version 1.7 have been released by Ludia, and Metahub has your coverage right here! This time around, we’re breaking our coverage into SIX sections. If you’d like to see one of the other sections, click the links below. That’s right. SIX. Because there’s literally THAT MUCH to cover. So let’s dive in!

New Moves

This update is full of all sorts of new moves that really change how the meta will look. Let’s take a peek at each of them and see if they are of any use and how they might change things!  In the graphic below, you can see all the new moves added!

Due to some of these moves having a lot of the same effects, we are going to bundle certain moves together in order to keep it organized.  First, let’s go over the grouped moves.

Rending Attacks

Let’s start off with the Rending Attacks. Rending Attacks are different from other attacks. Rending attacks always do damage based on the total HP of the opponent. For example, Rending Takedown deals half of your opponents HP as damage in just one go! The percentages are affected by Distraction or Critical Hits/Ferocious effects, so the percentages of these moves can change if the creature using it has an effect on it! Best part is: unlike Damage over Time, this effect works on Immune dinos, and you don’t have to wait till the end of a turn. It does the damage just like any other attack — immediately on your turn.

Precise Attacks

Precise is a shorthand used to communicate that an ability’s direct damage component will always hit the target, even if the target is under the effect of a Cloak or an Evasion ability. Note that the Cloak or Evasion remains in effect (Precise does not Nullify the effect, it just hits precisely!) What this says is that you’ll always hit your opponent, even if they have a Evasive effect! This will greatly impact the way we battle right now, and RNG will be reduced severely!

Definite Attacks

These are similar to Precise Attacks, but now they REMOVE Cloak and Evasive, as well as shattering shields and dealing armor piercing damage (though these attacks may not stay that way). These attacks are the ultimate Evasive counters, as they will ALWAYS hit for the maximum amount of damage. Shields? No issue, as these attacks will remove Shields too. Definite attacks are sort of like a combination of Nullifying and Defense Shattering attacks, without the added benefit of getting rid of an opponents damage boosting effects. Almost like a half-nullify. The only thing that could prevent Definite Attacks from hitting for maximum damage is Distraction. Distraction will be way more important in this meta, I can tell you that for sure.

Now on to the new moves that are not falling in a specific category.


This move deals 1x damage and distracts the opponent for 50% for 1 turn. It seems like this is going to be a basic attack, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Defensive Stance

This move seems like a weird one at first. Being able to Cleanse and Shield for 1 turn with no damage might seem weird, but it’s amazing. This move basically gives a turn for your dino to get a delayed move or a move on cooldown going again while taking little damage and cleansing negative effects or bleeds. When played well, this move could really mess up an opponent.

Cleansing Strike

The name says it all. Cleanse and do 1x damage. If this is a basic attack like it seems, cleansing won’t be an issue for a lot of dinosaurs. The possibilities for this move are endless, especially when faced against Distraction and Bleeding. This will hurt bleeders and distractors’ viability at least a little bit if this move gets implemented on multiple creatures.

Raking Claws

Raking Claws is a bit of a mix between Precise and Definite attacks. It’ll remove a Cloak and Evasive effect, but not Shields. So this move is good against Evasive dinosaurs, but it has a weakness against armoured dinos or shielded creatures. It’s a good move if you ask me.


Priority pinning and stunning? Count me in. This move is amazing against Hit and Runners. It keeps them locked down for two turns and stuns them 100% of the time. This will prevent hit and runners from running away, which was quite prevalent in the 1.6 meta.

Prowl/Swap in Prowl

I’m going to bundle these two together, as the effects are basically the same. Dodge 50% and raise the Critical Chance for 50% for the turn it’s used and the next turn seems really good, especially on a fast, but a bit frail creature. This move will provide a great boost to the dino, but it is prone to being nullified.

Long Evasion

Two turns of 100% dodging and cleansing on the first turn. This move is amazing if there aren’t any nullifiers/dodge removing attacks on the opposing team. It basically gives you a turn to do what you want, which can be quite amazing!


Sidestep is a move with a lot of effects. 66% dodge, cleanse and a 10% boost to speed. This might seem like a move that could be really useful for a sweeper. The high dodge chance, cleansing and a speed boost seems like everything a closing creature trying to finish strong could want.

Swap in Dodge/Swap in Evasion

While the names of these two Swap In effects might seem really similar, their effects aren’t. Swap in Dodge grants the user 100% dodge on the turn they come in. This might be handy for those big hits from Dracoceratops or massive critical hits from Thoralodosaur or Tenontorex or Trykosaurus.

Swap in Evasion however, is an Evasive Stance on every Swap in. 50% chance to dodge for 3 turns, and only 1 turn of bound. This move is amazing! If there weren’t many anti-Evasive moves introduced in this update, this would probably be the second best Swap in Ability next to Swap in Shattering Rampage!

Now let’s go on to the new passive effects.

Passive Effects

As you can see, we’re getting six new passive effects, and they are looking to be quite good. Let’s go over them.

Rending Counterattack

Ludia really is trying to make the Rending moves an important feature in this update. Having both the regular moves and the passive moves is a good thing. Rending Counterattack deals damage as a counter attack based on the opponent creatures’ maximum health. There are 4 types of Rending Counterattacks. The percentages dealt are 15, 20, 25 and 33 from low to high. If this is on a good dinosaur, these Rending Counterattacks could be lethal. Basically if a dinosaur with one of these counters survives long enough, the opponent won’t.

Precise Shattering Counter

Defense Shattering Counter but it always hits. This seems like an amazing addition to the Counterattacking moves and dinosaurs, and I can’t wait to see it in action. The ability to hit a dino 100% of the time is something that counter attackers often lacked, and this new move fixes that issue.

Nullifying Counter

This new move seems like a weird one. Nullify your opponent after getting hit. It doesn’t show that it deals damage, so if it doesn’t, this move is a bit of a weird one. It can be useful though, as I’m sure that will be the case against all the boosting dinos there are in this game.

Move reworks

There have been a couple of move reworks in this update. Let’s go over them.

Debilitating Distraction

The delay on this move has been lifted, making this move one of the most powerful moves there is in the game. 75% distraction for two turns on turn 1 is amazing, and it’s going to be a real pain for dinosaurs like Thoradolosaur to work around that.


This move got the cooldown reduction it so desperately needed. It’s 2 turn cooldown is now a 1 turn cooldown. Now it’s actually useable in competitive play a bit more.

Swap In Distraction

Swap in Distraction got a buff. Instead of the 50% Distraction like it used to be, it’s now a 90% Distraction. It’s basically an Instant Distraction on every switch in. This could be amazing, as it could be used to Distract other Swap in Abilities like Swap in Shattering Rampage! This is a buff to a move that needed it.

Parting Words

These new moves are some of the most exciting and meta-changing moves we’ve seen in any patch. One of the biggest changes we’ve seen on the forums has been the need for less “luck” (or RNG as we call it) in the game and more moves that simply counter other moves. We wanted battles to be more like chess and less like checkers.

And these moves provide counters to one of the arena’s biggest frustrations: cloaking and evasion. Better yet, it gives us more options to deal with immune creatures (via rending moves) and extreme health creatures like tanks, while also helping increase the usage for distraction on some of the biggest damage dealers in the game. We can’t wait to try them all out.

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