Explorers! The full release notes for version 1.7 have been released by Ludia, and Metahub has your coverage right here! This time around, we’re breaking our coverage into SIX sections. If you’d like to see one of the other sections, click the links below. That’s right. SIX. Because there’s literally THAT MUCH to cover. So let’s dive in!

New Tournaments/Battle Updates

It’s finally here. The long awaited tournaments (different from PVP seasons) that Ludia mentioned in a survey a while back, and we are so excited about these. Starting with patch 1.7, there are now two “modes” for battling. You have the normal battle arena where you gain a season trophy count, and you have a tournament battle area where you can battle with special/different rules. Yup! You heard us right.

Tournaments, unlike Seasons (where we all battle in the normal area for two weeks for large rewards), are an opt-in event with special rules. In order to participate, you’ll need to set a lineup that meets the conditions of that tournament, and these tournaments last for a short duration (say… two days, for instance).

When you choose to opt into a tournament, you are subject to that tournaments team restrictions. So if the tournament is a “no hybrids” tournament, for instance, you would not be able to battle for ranking in that tournament if you had a hybrid in your lineup. While tournaments are active, you can still go back and battle normally in the arena for trophies, daily battle incubators, or for ranking in an active season (if one is currently active) but any takedowns or wins in Tournament mode don’t add to your main trophy count or to your daily battle incubator takedown total. Instead, you have a trophy count specifically for that tournament (called “Medals” instead of trophies) if you choose to participate.

Ludia also made it clear in the patch notes that we won’t have a new season for a while – so for a while we will just have tournaments.

Rules/Restrictions of Tournaments

There are a number of team restrictions or changes that could be imposed in tournament mode. Items like rarity, level, hybrid/non-hybrid, come to mind. Who knows what else. They also are likely capable of making tournaments similar to friendly battles by level-setting all creatures to level 26 regardless of upgrades, or current creature level.

When you enter tournament mode, any creatures that do not fit the restrictions will appear in red, and you will be able to click a link to edit your team roster. In this editing screen, it will show you all the dinosaurs you have unlocked that meet the restrictions, and you can quickly choose a team for that tournament. The patch notes also indicate they’re working on ways to optimize this lineup area so that some of your best options for creatures appear first.

When entering a tournament, all medal counts are reset to zero. Your medal count in a tournament is different than the trophy count in the main arena. Battling in tournament mode will gain you tournament medals and help you rise in the ranks for different rewards. Prizes are awarded at the end of each event based on medal count at the end of the event. There is an entry fee required to opt-in to a tournament (likely hard cash or coins), though the patch notes don’t make clear what that cost might be. I would expect it to be relatively low. Perhaps similar to retries in strike towers.

And there’s a new arena specifically for tournament battles – The Amusement Park.

Matchmaking Updates

In addition to the new tournament mode, Ludia heard us on the matchmaking issues we were having in arena on a regular basis. This is specifically from the patch notes.

   “Now that you can modify your creatures strength (via stat boosts), it becomes imperative that we consider each player’s creature team when attempting to match users together. We now consider BOTH the players trophies, AND the players’ Strike Team in order to generate a “matchmaking score.” This score lets us match similar players together with more fairness. The amount of trophies gained/lost after a match is also affected by this score.”

Yup. You heard it. So arena droppers, it’s gonna be rough now to try to lower that trophy count without switching it up about 1000 times to gradually decrease. Better yet, if you choose to drop arenas and then try to rise back up, and use a team of all level 30’s versus a team of all 20’s? Guess how many trophies you’ll likely gain for that win… good luck getting back to Lockwood or Aviary. And even then, there are now other deterrants (see the article on Stat Boosts and how higher arenas yield MORE stat boost resources per daily battle incubator).

There are some other implications to this as well. Now, stacking your team with one unique when everything else is level 10 means your overall matchmaking score is going to be higher, which means even if you DON’T draw that level 21 Erlidominus, you’re still going to be matched with teams who have an average team level of… say… 15 instead of 10… because you had it on your squad when you tried to battle. So while this probably makes dropping arenas harder (trying to find someone at 5000 trophies who is also using a team with a really low team score) it may be a problem for those who unlocked a unique much earlier than normal progression – via some event.

It looks as if this might be the ultimate reason Tenontorex was removed from Easter’s event – as to not give lower level players a shiny new unique that makes arena impossible to climb when they don’t draw it in their hand. This is pure speculation, but we think it is probably the reasoning. Of course, the genie is out of the bottle after that epic 5 Unique day we had for St. Patricks Day… so some people may have trouble with balanced teams, but hopefully by now they’ve caught up to some extent in progression with the rest of their strike team.

It appears we’ve largely got what we wanted. These two changes should result in more fair matches that take into account more than just trophy count, and this really should discourage people from dropping arenas – just to get DNA in smaller quantities and hurt their chances at getting better daily battle incubator rewards (stat boosts) that will be FAR more important going forward.

New and Improved Seasons: Coming Soon

Patch notes also mention that Ludia is working on seasons to make them a more balanced, less divisive experience that accommodates both new and seasoned players (no pun intented). So, more to come on this particular issue, but it sounds like they’re working on it.

Parting Words

All we can say is wow.

We are just REALLY excited for new tournaments, for new matchmaking rules, for all of the things that 1.7 is bringing to the table. There is so much great stuff in here that the community has been asking for – some of which for a very long time!

It’s going to be so fun for players of all levels to participate in tournaments that restrict seasoned players down to lower rarity dinosaurs, that potentially even the level advantages and boost advantages, that make the playing field crazy to compete in. We’re most excited to try out many new creatures that we’ve not yet created or upgraded to team level for one reason or another. It should be a blast!

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