Explorers! The full release notes for version 1.7 have been released by Ludia, and Metahub has your coverage right here! This time around, we’re breaking our coverage into SIX sections. If you’d like to see one of the other sections, click the links below. That’s right. SIX. Because there’s literally THAT MUCH to cover. So let’s dive in!

Quality Of Life Changes

Its a great day explorers! As you have surely already read, Ludia has officially given us the 1.7 release notes and they are full of information! New Dinos, New Moves, Tournament/Season changes, stat boosts and so much more! And while we are all very focused on what dinos we will boost and how much DNA we have to fuse for each new hybrid, lets take a moment to focus on the real winners of Patch 1.7: Quality of Life Improvements and Bug Fixes! These changes/fixes always make the game a little easier to play, a little less frustrating, and a lot more enjoyable!


This has to be one of the greatest QOL improvements to the game! We have been asking for this seemingly simple feature since release and it is finally here!! Not only can you sort your dinos, you can sort them SIX different ways!

  • Rarity – Sort your dinos by Uniques, Legendaries, Epics, Rares, Commons!
  • A to Z – This feature lists FULL dinosaur names! Great for beginners.. and others!
  • Level – Sorting your dinos by level (level equality is a bit more important now!)
  • Health – See who has the highest health on your team and can survive the longest!
  • Attack – Want to see which of your dinos hit the hardest… sort here!
  • Speed – Sometimes speed can make or break you! Be fast and furious!

Matchmaking Balances! 

For those of you who say that Ludia is not listening to their players… hold your tongue! Matchmaking complaints are likely the #1 issue we see discussed in our discord, and that is all about to change! “We now consider both the player’s trophies (or medals, in the case of tournaments) AND the player’s Strike teams in order to generate a “matchmaking score”. This score lets us match similar players together with more fairness. The amount of trophies that you gain or lose after a match are also affected by this matchmaking score.”  We believe this change will greatly decrease the “Why am I facing a level 30 Erlidom when my highest dino is level 25!” comments from the community! This will also change the strategies of “derankers”, making it a bit harder to drop and much, much harder to climb back up! Perhaps people will now be staying in the arenas where they belong making the arena a much better place for everyone.

The downside of this improvement however, is that it is more crucial than ever to maintain a balanced strike team. Having level 30 “beast mode” Thorad and Dracocera amongst an otherwise team of level 22 dinos could change who you are matched against in a bad, bad way! Be careful using those stat boosts too… Could create a lot of discrepancy between your strike team!

Opt In AI Abilities!

Ludia has added “Opt In AI” changes for players above 4500 trophies in this release and we could not be happier! How many times have we needed just one incubator before we go to bed and it takes us forever to obtain it in the arena? Not anymore! Now, players above 4500 trophies can choose to play an AI (a bot) after only 30 seconds of waiting for a match! These AI battles will give us everything that a PvP match will, except trophies. An added bonus to this improvement is that the typical “deranker” justification of “I cant find a match up here, I have to derank” is a thing of the past! Just one more step that Ludia has taken to make the arena a much better place for all of us.

DNA Resource Caps have been Increased!

While this cap increase does not effect the players who have not hit any limits just yet, we have seen many complaints from our discord members that they had hit the limit on a certain dino and were not able to collect any more hard-earned DNA. This QOL improvement will allow all of us to keep collecting as much DNA as possible (even if we are not currently using it…) because you never know what dino is going to get a sweet hybrid one day! *I’m looking at you, Carnotaurus!

Old DNA Caps New DNA Caps
Rarity DNA Rarity DNA
Common 200,000 Common 250,000
Rare 50,000 Rare 100,000
Epic 20,000 Epic 25,000
Legendary 5,000 Legendary 10,000


1,000 Unique 4,000

Daily Migration is Here!!!

We asked for some diversity in our local spawns and now we have it! “New in this update are creatures that appear on the map only on certain days only. For example, the Smilodon appears only on Mondays and doesn’t appear on any other day. This means that, for every day of the week, the creatures you’ll encounter in the world will change.”  Now of course, not every creature will migrate, but there are definitely quite a few that do and it is very exciting when you see them on your map!

Speed Indicator Bug Fix and more! 

Need we say more! It now appears that the fastest dino will correctly show as the fastest dino, helping you to strategize more effectively! We have had some trouble getting this one fixed for a while, but it seems to be running smoothly and correctly now! In addition, Megalosaurus has the appropriate 3 targets now (instead of 4), and quite a few other small fixes that will improve the smoothness of overall gameplay.

Changes to Drone Responsiveness while Darting

Now we have to admit that we weren’t sure how to feel about this one at first either… We know that it will be amazing for new players just starting out as it is far less likely to go wonky and have your drone flinging all the way across your screen! For you long-time players however, it will definitely take some getting used to… The Good: The drone tends to keep you closer to and more focused on your target and is much more controlled. The Bad: The drone also feels a bit slower, making it difficult to “lead” your shots like most of us are used to. As creatures of habit, this one may catch a bit of flack for the first day or two, but after a bit of practice you’ll likely forget the “old way” and complain if it gets changed in the future!

Final Thoughts…

We at Metahub are very pleased with these amazing Quality of Life improvements and bug fixes, and we anticipate a few others hidden in the actual 1.7 release that were not revealed in these patch notes. Only time will tell, but one thing we know is that we can’t wait for this official release to drop!! The hype is real! Wondering who to create or level? Wondering who to drop from or add to your team? Wondering who to stat boost? We have discussions for all of that and we would love for you to come join us in those discussions on our Discord!

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