Explorers! The full release notes for version 1.7 have been released by Ludia, and Metahub has your coverage right here! This time around, we’re breaking our coverage into SIX sections. If you’d like to see one of the other sections, click the links below. That’s right. SIX. Because there’s literally THAT MUCH to cover. So let’s dive in!

Stat Boost System – Initial Impressions

There have been very few times that we at Metahub have heard/read/seen something in Jurassic World Alive and been completely floored by all the implications. This was one of those times. But before we really dive into what this upgrade system means and how it works, I want to give you some general impressions about it.

Honestly, after we digested it all (and that took a MINUTE at least), we were really excited to see this system go live. And for a few big reasons. So if you’re trying to digest what this means and pulling your hair out, you’re not alone. Let us help give you some ground to stand on with the following observations:

  • On average, you increase the level of your dinosaur statistics (with normal level-ups) by about 4.75% per statistic (damage/health) per level. So facing a max buffed creature (50% increase in damage or health and 100 speed) is essentially the difference between facing an Indoraptor at level 30, versus an Indoraptor at level 40.
  • We’ve been asking for a fix to speed ties. They are now going to be far more rare due to speed boosts. Limited speed tokens means people will boost speed on different things, and mirror matches aren’t so identical anymore.
  • Stat boosts will be available via daily battle incubators, as well as live operating events. So there are a ton of ways to earn FREE stat boosts.
  • The cost of each stat boost tier is exponentially higher, and works like a bell curve – so around boosted level 5 you are getting less and less of an increase for each stat boost per level, at greater and greater costs. And this is a GOOD thing. It means we can all boost things relatively cheaply in the beginning but gain a lot more “levels” and then it slows down bigtime in the end. So the possibility for someone who didn’t spend a dime and made it to stat boost level 5 or 6 to beat someone at stat boost level 7 or 8 or even 10 is totally doable. Sure, they have the edge, but the edge shrinks. We’ll explain more on that later.
  • While daily/weekly store offers will be available to accelerate the “collection” process, it would take quite some time for anyone to get an entire strike team stat boosted to maximum level (based on exponential costs) and there is no reason to assume these purchases won’t be limited in nature — like featured incubators — to prevent those spending money from getting extremely out of hand.
  • Stat boosts work in CONJUNCTION with normal leveling – so giving something a stat boost means it gets more than 4.75% of an increase on each level up. Which means you don’t need to wait to boost a dinosaur on your strike team until you hit level 30. Your stat boost gets STRONGER with you as you level a creature up.

Now, let’s dive into some of the stuff we do know about stat boosts!

How Much Can We Buff Dinos

The first question that came to mind when we were considering these stat boosts was understanding how much we could buff dinosaurs.

Every creature will have the option to be boosted by up to 50% for health and damage (we’ve just listed the health chart above since health/damage are the same) and by up to 100 speed. As you can see from the above, the lower ranks give better speed/damage/health boosts, whereas the higher ranks start to slow down again. The difference between rank 4 and rank 5 is a 12% increase whereas the difference between rank 9 and 10 is a 2% increase. Considering the fact that everyone has a strike team of 8 dinosaurs, and that every dinosaur has 3 stats that would need increasing, there’s going to be a LOT of hard decisions that need to be made.

Let’s look at the differences between each rank.

Damage/Health Chart Speed Chart
Rank Ttl % Inc % Increase Per Rank Rank Ttl % Inc % Increase Per Rank
1 2 2 1 5 5
2 5 3 2 12 7
3 10 5 3 21 9
4 18 8 4 36 15
5 30 12 5 57 21
6 38 8 6 71 14
7 43 5 7 83 12
8 46 3 8 92 9
9 48 2 9 98 6
10 50 2 10 100 2

You can see the bell curve I was mentioning before. The good news is, the higher you go, the more it increases — but then DECREASES. Which is excellent because the cost just keeps going up. This means you pay more and more for smaller and smaller increases, which saves free to play players and those who don’t pay much from running into a bunch of max leveled dinos. It also means as you reach the end-game (the new level 30) you are working for a smaller and smaller gain. Just a little more speed. Just a little more health. Just a little more damage.

Because at the end of the day, sure, the meta will END UP being even. All dinos at even levels/stat boosts will still perform better or worse than others (which makes our tier list more important than ever – and we’re working on that one right away) – but for the foreseeable future… there’s gonna be a lot of variance.

But don’t fear, we’re going to write about it. We’ve run the numbers. We’ve done the math. We’re going to do anything we can to help you navigate this new crazy game-changing feature as best we can!

Once the update is live, we’ll have more information (and charts) on how things work and how to best utilize this feature, and what those costs versus incremental gains look like.

Stat Boosts Overview

So when can we boost the stats of our creatures, and how does that process work?

Starting at player level 10 you’ll be able to boost creatures and augment their attributes. You will be able to collect stat boost “tokens” that apply to the three different stats you would be boosting. You can boost every creature in the three stat boost areas by 10 ranks (from zero to ten) at an exponentially increasing cost per rank.

  • Speed can be increased by 100. That’s right, you could have a T-Rex with 202 speed.
  • Health can be increased by 50%
  • Damage can be increased by 50%

When entering a battle, there’s an indicator that tells you if your opponent has a BOOSTED stat. This is an extremely helpful feature – sort of a heads up that this is no ordinary T-Rex you’re facing. Looking at the stats themselves by clicking on the opposing dinosaur, boosted stats (and maxed stats) are also color coded to indicate if the stat has been boosted or not. This helps each player identify what they’re up against.

Once you hit player level 10, you can access stat boosts by clicking on the creature profile, and clicking on the icon above the stat you want to boost. From there, you can spend the tokens on improving your damage, health, or speed, and the new updated amount will appear.

Better yet, free stat boosts are given to you when you open daily battle incubators and when you take on some strike events. And you get MORE stat boosts in incubators in the higher arenas, which means once again, arena droppers will lose out on an extremely valuable resource if they choose to drop down and wreak havoc.

Below is the scale at which you get tokens in daily battle incubators (per arena)

Fallen Kingdom Mt. Sibo S.S. Arcadia Nublar Jungle Badlands Lockdown Sorna Marshes Jurassic Ruins Lockwood Estate Aviary
Attack Boost 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4
Health Boost 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4
Speed Boost 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4

Parting Words

A LOT of things are going to change based on stat boosts, but overall we’re really excited about the prospect of boosting dinosaurs. Not only should this mix up the arena, as individuals choose to boost dinosaurs that perhaps are less used, but it will make a lot of dinosaurs that are on the edge of viability at the highest tiers, extremely viable if boosted. People with a wide variety of creatures at higher levels are going to have a lot of decisions to make.

Even just the simple implication that a Stegodeus (at speed 108) who uses a slowing move on a fully boosted Velociraptor (speed of 232) will STILL BE SLOWER than that slowed Velociraptor (half speed being 116) has MASSIVE implications in the game. So some of our incredibly slow creatures may need a speed boost or two just to ensure their slowing moves still affect a speed-capped dinosaur.

It’s insane. But fear not, Explorers. It’s going to be a wild ride, and we’re right there with you – helping in every way we can as we go!

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