Explorers! The full release notes for version 1.7 have been released by Ludia, and Metahub has your coverage right here! This time around, we’re breaking our coverage into SIX sections. If you’d like to see one of the other sections, click the links below. That’s right. SIX. Because there’s literally THAT MUCH to cover. So let’s dive in!

New Dinosaurs

The age of Cenozoics has come, and we’re getting five new Cenozoic creatures in addition to six new hybrids. So lets dive into these vicious beasts and talk about all the crazy things that these new creatures bring to the table!

  • Smilodon – First up is the ferocious Saber Toothed Cat. This predator has access to Precise Pounce, Evasive Strike, a new move called Prowl (that we go over in the moves section) and these moves look pretty amazing in action. Oh, and it hits like a truck. It’s an interesting choice to add another creature with cloaking in addition to a precise move that beats cloaking. But we’re not going to complain. This thing is a beast.
  • Elasmotherium – This hefty Cenozoic has serious potential as a defensive and offensive weapon. Not only can it cleanse and shield in one turn with Defensive Stance, but it gets the added advantage of a guaranteed hit through cloak + shield and armor shattering Definite Impact, and a further shield and armor breaking rending attack (a move that deals damage based on the opponent’s maximum health). It’ll be really interesting to see this thing in the arena, as most creatures do not get a straightforward rending attack. And those rending attacks look quite powerful.
  • Marsupial Lion – One of the scariest of the new Cenozoic creatures, the Marsupial Lion is sort of another take on the dreaded Erlidominus. Don’t be fooled by the low stats. This thing comes equipped with Minor Rending Attack (doing damage based on opponent health), as well as being the only creature with Rending Takedown that we see currently. Rending takedown is a massive move that does 50% of the opponents total health as damage. But the killer combo comes when you combine Prowl (a mix of dodging for one turn and upping your critical hit chance by 50% for two turns) with Rending Takedown. Because rending moves can hit critically (unlike bleeds), that means the Marsupial Lion has a 90% chance (40% base crit rate plus 50% from prowl) to hit the opponent for 75% of their total health. Just call this one mini-Erlidominus. But don’t fear too much, for one thing this fierce predator doesn’t have is Immunity… meaning it can be distracted right out of that massive two hit combo, or nullified into losing that massive critical chance.
  • Brontotherium – This brand new common Cenozoic comes with a fair amount of health and armor, and a brutal moveset. It can alternate between shielding/cleansing with Defensive Stance and bashing opponent creatures with Definite Rampage. It’s a powerful combination, but even the designers note that it’s quite predictable in nature. But I suppose it wouldn’t be common in rarity if it were a Tyrant-level creature.
  • Phorusracos – Finally, we’ve got a new dodgestrich in the slightly silly-looking “Terror Bird.” Equipped with Swap-In Dodge, this thing gets one guaranteed 100% dodge when brought in unannounced. And it can follow that up with some teeth, or perhaps beak. It gets the special move Raking Claws that helps it hit precisely through cloak and dodge — even removing the effects of both, but it doesn’t quite hit strong enough to pierce armor or shields like a Definite Strike would. In addition to that, this creature gets a new move called Sidestep, which is sort of a mix between an evasive move (with 66% chance to dodge instead of the normal 50%) and a minimal speedup strike (minus the strike) and a cleanse all in one. Really, it’s the definition of a “buy some time” move, that helps it set up for the next Raking Claws attack and ensures it stays as fast as it can.

  • Purutaurus – There’s finally a reason to use that Purrusaurus and Carnotaurus DNA, and it’s name is Purutaurus. And this thing is far more powerful than it looks — along the same lines as Edmontoguanadon and Procerathomimus. Purutaurus comes equipped with Cleansing Strike and a Greater Rending Counter Attack, which deals 33% of the opponent’s total health as damage on each turn it survives. Better yet, with Short Defense and Instant Distraction, it has impressive survivability. And when all else fails, it comes equipped with Precise Rampage, that can quickly turn that three turns of survival into two turns of survival while it lays waste to opponents.
  • Spinonyx – Yet another incredibly powerful hybrid, Spynonyx is created from combining Spinosaurus GEN 2 and Baryonyx GEN 2. It comes equipped with Lethal Wound, Minor Rending Attack, Precise Rampage and Definite Rampage. That’s right. Two rampages. And with the HP bulk of a Spinosaurus, this thing can really hit hard. 
  • Ardontosaurus – There’s a new Legendary sauropod in town, and its created by combining Secodontosaurus and Argentinosaurus. But this beastly hybrid is a new twist on an old tale. Because this thing comes equipped with the types of moves that helped give Stegodeus its heft back in the day. With the newly created Definitive Strike, it can clear cloak and evasion effects, hit with better than average damage due to Extended Critical Strike, gain priority with Slowing Impact, and follow it all up with a massively powerful Defense Shattering Rampage. Oh, and did we mention it’s an Immune sauropod? Cause that’ll be a lot of fun! Can’t wait to get my hands on this thing!
  • Koolabourgiania – By combining the arena exclusive Arambourgiana with Koolasuchus Gen 2, you can create this winged creature. Equipped with Nullifying Strike, Short Defense, Distracting Strike and Instant Distraction, this thing is a real cunning creature if we’ve ever seen one. Better yet, because of the winged ancestry, it gets the super effective Swap-In Distraction (now buffed to 90% damage reduction for one turn), which should help this thing deal with pesky chompers. 
  • Geminititan – By combining the distraction-centered Koolabourgiana and the new-ish sauropod Diplodocus, we get our first ever view of a Unique sauropod (though I really think it should have wings).  While the Geminititan loses the Swap-In Distraction that Koolabourgiana had, it gains some of the highest health in the game. Equipped with Decelerating Rampage, Instant Distraction, Long Protection, and Nullifying Strike, this beast has a strange kit that sort of helps with everything it’s up against. It can shield when facing hit and runners and the high damage of creatures like Erlidominus, it can Distract when facing the chompers, it can beat cloaks and dodge effects with nullifying, and it can slow things down with those massive feet. 
  • Erlikospyx – Finally, we arrive at the second game-changing Unique dinosaur in this patch. Made from the powerful Spinonyx and the distracting Erlikosaurus GEN2, Erlikospyx is a force to be reckoned with! It hits like an Erlidominus, and can speed up with Minimal Speedup Strike like its Erlikosaurus ancestor, but it also comes equipped with Lethal Wound, Debilitating Distraction, and Precise Rampage. So it can bleed an opposing creature, distract it by 75%, hit through cloak and evasive, and do so while speeding up. This thing is a monster.

Parting Words

While some may have hoped for Aquatics, we’re pretty excited to see the Cenozoics arrive in Jurassic World Alive, and more excited still for the new dinosaur-based hybrids that use so many components sitting unused in our games.

Not to mention, some of those new Cenozoic movesets seem prime for insane new hybrid creatures. We’re ready for whatever comes next, just so long as it’s as interesting as all the things coming in this update!

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