Update 1.11.12 has just been released, and with it have come the Mercenaries, a long awaited update both by myself and most of the community, and in my opinion this is the best update we’ve gotten since Crooked Creek Farm (not including the weapon modding update) This article is going to cover the basics of what you need to know about mercenaries.

What are Mercenaries? 

Mercenaries are another faction living in the wasteland, they do not tangle with the raiders so a mercenary will never join you on a raid. You can hire a mercenary at the new location, the Mercenaries Camp, which can be found a short run (17 energy) south-east of the home location.

The camp is one of the most unique locations in the game purely because of the change in music, the location features 3 mercenaries sitting in various positions around a campfire, one of them is playing an instrument (a banjo maybe?)

How to hire them: 

In order to hire mercenaries you will first need to acquire reputation points with Old Man Slim (don’t get me started on the name) he will accept maps, Military Rations, and Med kits.

Interacting with the bill board will list all of the available mercenaries for hire, you can use 10 coins to re-roll the mercenaries available. There is no limit on the amount of times you can refresh the list.


Interesting Mercenary tid-bits:

  • Without the Alarmist skill, they heal themselves at less than 30 hp (70 with the alarmist skill)
  • They can’t heal with turkey.
  • They can’t use Milkors/miniguns/grenades.
  • Level 1 mercenary cost 100 points and he follows you during 30 minutes. (without the loyal skill, loyal skill give 15min)
  • Level 2 mercenary cost 200 points and he follows you during 45 minutes.
  • Level 3 mercenary cost 300 points and he follows you during 1 hour.
  • They have a backpack of 8 places. (16 with the Strong back skill)
  • The bow falls under firearms.


Every mercenary can have up to 3 skills, and not all of them are good. Here is a list of all the skills available, both positive and negative.

All the available skills for Mercenaries.

Adrenaline: How to find it and what it’s used for.

Adrenaline is used to bring your mercenary back to ‘life’ after he get’s knocked by an enemy, make sure that your mercenary is fully stocked on meds in order to avoid using the adrenaline more than necessary.

The adrenaline can be found in 4  locations:



Thanks for reading everybody, I hope you found this guide on all things mercenary helpful! As always please let us know down below what you would like to see covered next.