Explorers! The update is upon us, and we got the chance to really look into all the changes! But in this article, I want to talk about the Incubators! It seems Ludia has made some effort to clarify what’s going to be in these! Let’s get into it!

What has changed for the Incubators?

As you can see in the screenshot here, there’s a new button on the middle right. Clicking on this will reveal this screen!

Ludia has provided us with a chart of what you can obtain in these Daily Incubators and what percentages it has! It also shows us what is guaranteed, and we couldn’t be more excited! Each Daily Incubator now guarantees Stat Boosts! From what we’ve heard, these are dependent on which arena you’re in, so keep battling to get those Stat Boosts!

It also appears that the new dino Phorusrhacos is in Daily Incubators as well! It isn’t an Arena Exclusive, so I wonder if it’s exclusive to Daily Incubators? Please let us know if you found one somewhere else!

This doesn’t apply only for the Daily Incubators! Apparently ALL Incubators now have this function! So you can see what dinosaurs are in the pool and how big the odds are of you collecting them! Just remember: click the i button in the middle right to see what your odds are of obtaining a dino!

Parting Words

The extra clarification on what you get in Incubators is quite welcome for most players! They can see what they will be receiving now, which would clear up some doubts about some rates being different! So no, the rate for Irritator isn’t different y’all!

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