Here it is Explorers! The Erlikospyx: one of the two new uniques added to the Dinodex in the 1.7 update and definitely the one we have a better chance of creating. (Sorry Geminititan, you’re too rich for our blood!) If you’re an avid MetaHub reader, you’ll recall that in our February APK Teardown, we discovered that a hybrid coded as “Spinonyx” could be making its way to JWA, we just weren’t sure which iterations of Spinosaurus or Baryonyx it would require or even with which update it would arrive. The wait is finally over and we have answers! Spinonyx has been hatched from the parent DNA of Spinosaur Gen 2 (50/fuse) and Baryonyx Gen 2 (200/fuse). Once Spinonyx hits its 20th birthday, you can start fusing Erlikospyx with the final piece of the puzzle: Erlikosaurus Gen 2. Erlikosaurus will also have to be at level 20 and will cost a whopping 500 DNA/fuse. This unique is not like most of the others though. Remember when I mentioned Barynonyx Gen 2? Well, unfortunately it’s an arena exclusive just like Irritator and likely to be the biggest hurdle most players will face when making this unique. Outside of the Fallen Kingdom week in January, the only way to stock up on its DNA is through incubators or alliance donations. Enough small talk for now, let’s take our first look at this feathered beast!

While it may not be as vibrantly colored as it’s legendary ingredient, Erlikospyx’s design has been greatly influenced by Erlikosaurus Gen 2. From its size, shape, speed, and even much of its moveset, we can see that the similarities are more than skin deep. The core ingredients weren’t ignored though. The blood red crown is reminiscent of Baryonyx and it’s vestigial spine warrants no explanation. The most striking feature in my opinion though: those SHARP TEETH! No wonder it’s wounds are lethal!


Do these numbers look familiar? They should. Erlikospyx shares much of its specifications with the OG tyrant Erlidominus! Even despite a base critical chance of 5%, Spyx, as I’ll lovingly call it, still packs a big punch and at a speed of 129, it’s in a very competitive tier. In addition to Erlidominus, it’ll go toe-to-toe with the likes of Diloracheirus and Pterovexus so make sure you win those speed ties! (While the new addition of Stat Boosts can give users more customizability of their team, we’ll keep things simple and stick with the original specs for comparison purposes.)


Let’s take a moment to appreciate what we just saw. With a distracting move, bleeding move and a rampage, Spyx may just have one of the most diverse kits in the game! Don’t be fooled into thinking this is like any other distracting move though. Debilitating distraction will quite literally debilitate it’s opponent to the point that only 25% of the intended damage goes through. You read that right! 75% of the damage is reduced for not one but two turns! If you have not encountered this move before, it’s because only one other creature has it: Erlikosaurus Gen 2.

Bringing in Spyx for a revenge kill with minimal speed up strike will give you better odds at acting first for the next round. This move will particularly come in handy as most of the other 129ers are relatively easier to make and will likely be higher leveled in comparison. Once sped up, Spyx will act before any other “natural” creature in the game and then it’s up to you to bleed, distract or rampage! (Decisions, Decisions!) Beware though, if you’re in a match up against an Erldiominus, it will come down to levels and fast fingers to see who acts first! (Equally leveled, Erlikospyx and Erlidominus will be able to one-shot kill each other so make sure you don’t take your time hitting that rampage button!) Diloracheirus can also find a way to outspeed Spyx. Recall that superiority strike decreases the opponents speed by 50%. Well, minimal speed up strike will only boost you up by 10%. Once the one-turn effect of superiority strike wears off though, you’re back in the lead!

While Lethal Wound may be a relatively older move, Spyx is also equipped with something more novel in it’s artillery. Precise Rampage makes its debut in 1.7 and is what every player who’s been the victim of a dodging spree has been praying for. This move will act just like a regular rampage with one special difference: no hiding behind a cloak or evasive stance. Unlike Definite moves, precision will not remove Cloak/Evasive, but it will allow you to bypass it for that one attack. Should the cloaker remain standing, watch out because that next attack will still do double the damage! Keep in mind, Precise Rampage is neither defense shattering nor armor piercing, but it will still put those pesky Indoraptors in their place!

Parting words:

We hope you enjoyed this first look at Erlikospyx! Update 1.7 will have plenty of fun new features for us to explore so make sure to stay tuned for even more first looks, guides, and updates from MetaHub!