Put on your game faces Explorers! Ludia has given us a new twist on an old tale. The tournament options have been expanded immensely with the 1.7 Update and this is great news for new and veteran players alike! While the traditional “Season” will continue, the new tournaments will definitely spice things up a little. There are currently 5 types of tournaments, each with specific restrictions on which dinosaurs are permitted. To mix things up even more, tournament restrictions can be mixed and matched for even more variety!


Open Skilled Tournaments:

The very first tournament has been scheduled and it seems like a fun one! Here are the specifications Ludia has given us:

The first thing we should note is that this tournament is completely OPTIONAL! Yup, you only have to participate if you want to. With all creatures set at the same level and no stat boosts in play, it is going to a nail biter! Many of us will have to dust off dinos we haven’t used in some time and others will have to work on our hand-eye coordination so we win those speed ties! Despite these challenges, Open-Skill will be a fun way to break away from the usual routine. The doesn’t mean we can’t strategize though (we are MetaHub after all, it’s what we do!)

The Prizes!

For an entry cost of mere $100 in game cash, you have the opportunity of increasing your investment exponentially (and on a level playing field at that!) You don’t have to be a seasoned veteran to excel in this tournament.

Looking backward to move forward

While there were a handful of new non-hybrid creatures added to the Dinodex this week, you can take a look at the 1.6 Tier List to see how creatures ranked in the 1.6 meta (keep in mind, some may have had their moves adjusted since then).

The Current Options

Our talented Metahub Moddess Piere87 has compiled all of the options you can choose from come game time. There are a few new contenders with 1.7 that are well worth the look. Remember though, the goal is to build a well rounded team. A dino’s rarity may not be the sole predictor of it’s value.


  1. Speed is a must!
    Faster dinos are going to be crucial in giving you a leg up in the Open Skill tournament. While Velociraptor is the fastest option available, it is also fragile and has a fair amount of counters. Blue (with it’s defense), Ornithomimus (with its immunity, evasion and hit & run combo) & Delta (with pounce and hit & run) offer more versatility. While Tanycolagreus and Gallimimus both clock in at 130, Tany offers much more damage and HP in comparison, while at the cost of immunity. Phorusrhacos is the new kid on the block and has a fun moveset with cool graphics match! Raking Claws and Sidestep have the potential do serious damage while also saving you from sticky situations.
  2. Countering Speed is also a must!
    Fast creatures certainly have the benefit of acting first and for that reason you shouldn’t expect to be the only player fielding them. A well balanced team will keep this in mind and also have counters on deck. Creatures featuring superiority strike, slowing moves and defense are extremely valuable in these match ups. Brachiosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Tuojiangosaurus, Maisaura, Ouranosaurus, Giraffatitan and Alanqa are all good options.
  3. Take advantage of Swapping Moves!
    While legendaries and uniques are often the first to come to mind, there are still plenty of non-hybrid creatures that are also equipped with Swap In/Out abilities. With multiple swappers, your team will be a force to be reckoned with and be capable of some serious damage (while also helping you avoid a creature loss in the process). Consider the following non-exhaustive list of swap in/swap out moves when putting your team together:
    Impact Run: Arambourgiania, Delta, Dracorex, Gallimimus, Maiasaura, Ornithomimus, Ouranosaurus, Pteranodon, Quetzalcoatlus, Stygimoloch (1 & 2), Tupandactylus
    Rampage & Run: Pachycephalosaurus
    Swoop: Darwinopterus, Scapthognathus
    Swap-In Stun: Maisaura, Pachycephalosaurus, Tenontosaurus, Edmontosaurus
    Swap-In Wound: Darwinopterus, Scapthognathus
    Swap-In Slow: Diplodocus, Giraffatitan, Toujiangosaurus
    Swap-In Shattering Attack: Kaprosuchus (strike), Dracoceratops Gen 2 (rampage)
    Swap-In Invincibility: Alanqa, Arambougiania
    Swap-In Defense: Quetzalcoatlus
    Swap-In Distraction: Diplocaulus Gen 2
  4. Notable Mention: Secodontosaurus! 
    I happen to be a huge fan of epic only friendlies and this guy always makes it on my team. It’s among the short list of immune non-hybrid dinos and can hold it’s own against a vast variety of opponents. (Take a look at Strategy #3 if you don’t believe me).
  5. Have fun!
    One could argue for this to be strategy #1 but it’s important to remember that tournaments are meant to be a good time! Enjoy the battles no matter where you end up and remember “As long as you had fun, you WON!”
    (Yes, that was extremely cheesy but I’m sticking with it.)

Parting Words:

Due to the variety of dinos you can encounter, the best move is to build a well-balanced team. We highly recommend trying out potential recruits in friendly matches beforehand to see what works for you. Most importantly, have a good time! Ludia designed these style of tournaments to bring the community together and give players of all experience levels a chance to have more fun. See you on the battle field everyone!

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