Jurassic World Alive: Discussion on 1.7 Rollout And Constructive Criticism


Now that 1.7 is officially out on both Android and IOS, I wanted to take a minute to discuss the rollout and the complications that this update has faced so far, and give our thoughts on the process.

We’ll try to make this brief, but we wanted to address the concerns of the community over all of the things occurring in game at the moment. While there are a lot of frustrating things going on, and perhaps a little more bad than good occurring at the moment, we are hopeful that fixes are being worked on as we speak and that those fixes are being completed as fast as the team can manage.

So let’s start with the good stuff and move forward from there.

The Good

While too many people in the community like to focus on the things that aren’t going well, there are a number of things that are working well in this update.

  • The new creatures are great.
  • The buffs and nerfs seemed more balanced than we thought (utarinex has remained on many teams despite all our concerns that it would fall)
  • Cloak has not yet completely died in the arena. The counters (definitive and precise) seem to be doing what they were intended to do to BALANCE cloak rather than remove it from relevance completely.
  • Rend seems to also be working in some degree as advertised. While it still is a powerful move that may eventually need to be nerfed in some way, it does have counters with distraction that bleeds do not have. This gives it an interesting niche.
  • The tournaments are an exciting edition to the game.
  • The stat boosts are completely shaking up the arena. We knew they would, and at times this can be frustrating, but all the times we have complained about seeing the same dinosaurs, that’s not so much the case anymore. Even when we see the same ones, the variance actually makes the game really interesting, really strategic, and really enjoyable.

The Bad

  • The matchmaking system may be working as advertised (hard to say there as we don’t have the formula cracked yet) but the trophies do seem broken. At the highest levels, players are dropping hundreds of trophies in games that they are losing to others that seem relatively evenly matched in how the match plays out. And working back up after you’ve dropped 200 or 400 or 500 trophies due to RNG or due to not getting a good team draw, it’s truly harder than ever with how the trophies seem to be awarded now. I have hope this will get addressed.
  • Matchmaking is also buggy right now. We’re seeing more people dropping matches than before.  We’ve seen more timed out matches that never start, more disconnects mid match, and more timers hit 10 seconds and then repeat back to 30 seconds than in patch 1.6. This too I think is high on the list of things that will get fixed.
  • The stat boost sales are cropping up daily. We’re not sure if this is intentional or not. If it is, many of us may run out of hard cash fast. And we may feel the need to buy every special offer to keep up. We were expecting a slower rollout of these purchases (weekly sales perhaps), but we don’t know the plan yet. Still, I can see it being an issue if stat boosts are offered daily forever on sale in store.
  • The new darting system does seem to have a different feel and two days in we’re not certain we feel we’ve improved with it. It’s possible we have and just haven’t yet noticed. We’ll let it go for a week and see if anything gets better, but the sensitivity may need to be turned up (or even be allowed as a future feature to increase/decrease the sensitivity).
  • We’re seeing some other minor glitches like a timed-out notice for a battle after each darting session. These aren’t game breaking but are a bit annoying.

When you have a game that is 50% hunting (darting) and 50% battling in the arena, it can really shake a userbase when both get changed and both changes don’t go over as well as hoped. So we definitely understand why someone might be frustrated at this moment as a player of Jurassic World: Alive.

We understand not everything can be controlled. The delayed rollout of Android isn’t something that was likely planned for, nor the security concerns that led to the urgent security update. And I’m sure some of the above was also unexpected.

But what we are seeing is this –


And this is what we mean when we say Ludia is listening. They are trying to address concerns as quickly as possible.

So while the bugs aren’t great, and while some may call us apologists, we recognize the facts of life are — when something goes wrong, you make efforts to fix it. And in programming terms, those efforts aren’t always instantaneous. So we’ll be patient and wait, and see how things continue to change.

And we’ll hope the above items get addressed sooner rather than later, which we think they will!