Week 49 is here, our first open skill tournament is over, and everyone’s feeling a lot of emotions. Ludia has announced fixes for many of the outstanding concerns (battle glitches, and darting) and we’re waiting for word on the other two major complaints (tournament issues and boost issues), and it appears some of those (darting and battle glitches) have already been either reverted or improved. Hopefully we’ll see more updates and hear more about plans to fix the other items.

We’re hopeful all of these items get fixed, and that Ludia announces their intent to do so publicly today (please do!!!), but for the moment lets dive into this weeks featured creatures and upcoming tournament for this week to see what we think. After all, there’s DNA to be had!

Ok, let’s dive into this week’s featured dinosaurs and strike events!

This week is HP and Lockdown week, which means we’re getting a lot of sauropods and some high HP monsters. We’ve also got a tournament again this weekend to discuss as well!

Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday (36 Attempts)

Wednesday + Thursday + Friday (18 Attempts)

Saturday + Sunday (9 attempts)

Which Dino’s To Focus On This Week:

For the Commons,  Brontotherium is brand new and all the Cenozoics are rife with potential for hybrids, yet none got a hybrid this patch. As we’ve seen in prior patches, often the new creatures are high contenders for getting hybrids first, so I wouldn’t pass up any opportunity to grab some new dna. Still, the case can be made for Allosaurus with Thoralodosaur being such a beastly opponent in the arena, or Parasaurolophus with Tragodistis remaining to be the best tank in the game near as we can tell. Poor sauropods. Apatosaurus may only be worthwhile for unlocking some of the wonderful sauropod hybrids.

For the Rares we are stuck with three more beautiful majestic (and possibly not really worth much) sauropods. The new Ardontosaurus is pretty good, though lacking armor, so Argentinosaurus is likely the winner of the trio. As much as I have always wanted all sauropods (or even just Nodopatotitan) to be good, they simply aren’t that great right now. Still, for unlocking purposes and possibly even for rising up arenas (before the large scale chompers and bleeders begin showing up) grabbing Amargasaurus for Gigaspikasaurus or Tragodistis is a good call. Giraffatitan is the last one and really should only be picked up if you need to unlock Nodopatotitan.

For the Epics, we’ve got three options. Ouranosaurus is a strong option due to Diloranosaurus and Dilorachierus still being such powerful arena beasts, but with Ourano moving locals, it may be easier for you to get than it was prior. Before darting this epic, be sure to check the migration article to see if Ourano will be appearing for you more often than before. Brachiosaurus, while beautiful, is a hybridless dino that you may want to pass up unless you need to unlock it. But the real winner is Diplodocus. This epic sauropod is not available in the wild, and needed for creating the only unique sauropod in existence. Despite this unique sauropod not being the best thing in the world, you should still unlock it and beg Ludia to buff all sauropods with me. SAUROPODS!

Strike Events

This weeks’ epic strikes are on Friday and Sunday, but don’t miss that little logo on Wednesday that looks like a stat boost. That is a special kind of strike event that actually awards stat boosts. So be sure to play Wednesday’s strike event.


Last weekend’s tournament was rife with people exploiting the “fight AI” button in order to rack up trophy counts in the 20,000 range. We saw this happen once before in season 2 some time ago. We truly hope this gets fixed (that AI battles do NOT award trophies) but be advised this did occur in the last time and it COULD occur this time if it isn’t fixed. There was a new patch pushed this morning but there is no way to test if it was addressed until we get into the tournament (or unless we can find it in the code).

It appears this tournament is going to INCLUDE boosted dinosaurs and not even out the levels of dinosaurs. It also appears, if I’m reading this right, that this is a COMMONS ONLY tournament. Which should be interesting. So bring out that boosted Allosaurus or Tanycolagreus that you overleveled back when they were effective counters and roll the dice.

Parting Words

We won’t lie, it’s been a discouraging last week. We want to remain optimistic and positive about the future and truly hope all these issues get addressed, and we do think it’s great that the team likely must’ve worked all weekend to get this patch done so that it could be pushed on Monday morning. Hopefully we’ll see more of the same.

1.7 conceptually, in our opinion, has been one of the coolest updates to date. But as long as things remain broken or unfair (such as speed boosts being exploited or tournament AI bots being exploited), it won’t feel like the coolest update to date. We’re hopeful something is done, and soon.

In the meantime, we’ll grab some Diplodocus and try to create that Unique Sauropod.

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