Explorers! Normally you’d hear me talk about some Strike Event that’s on the map, but today I want to take a look at a different aspect of Strike Events. Some dinosaurs are better than others in Strike Events, and in this article, I want to showcase some dinosaurs which I believe are excellent to use in Strike Events!

To make this article as interesting as possible for all players, I’m going to cover up to Epic rarity in this article. The dinosaurs I’m listing aren’t in any order too, so keep this in mind! So without further ado, let’s get going!


This Rare hybrid of the Suchomimus and Irritator Gen2 is quite the Strike Event powerhouse. With its versatile kit, which has Bleeding, Distraction, Nullification and Slowing potential, it can really do a lot of things in Strike Events! Its stats also are quite good for a Rare, having a lot of HP and a decent Speed tier. This combination of stats and moveset makes Suchotator a very potent Strike Event dinosaur. One which I would consider a necessity for lower level players to have to face those higher leveled Strike Events!

Dimorphodon and Suchomimus

These dinosaurs make this article not because of their stats, but due to their Swap In Ability. Swap In Wound gives these two dinosaurs a great use in Strike Events, especially when faced against a Strike Event with only one dinosaur! What’s even better is that they can be at any level to be effective! It doesn’t matter if they’re level 1 or 30 with their Swap In Wound, as the DoT will always inflict 25% damage each turn! Both also have excellent hybrids to use in Strike Events, and even in the Arena! If there’s just a single high level dinosaur facing you, bringing these two will surely get you on your way to defeating it! Honorable mention goes to the Rare Scaphognathus, also able to do this task quite well, and it can even survive a bit longer due to Regeneration!

Marsupial Lion

This newcomer is an excellent Rare, and in my eyes one of the best additions to the creature roster for non-hybrids. Its two turn combination of Prowl and Rending Takedown enable this dinosaur to take 75% of a dinosaur’s HP for 90% of the time! The best part is: it’ll do this percentage regardless of its level, so it’s ready to go once you’ve unlocked it! Its one downside is when facing a Nullifier or a Distracter dinosaur, as they can limit the damage output Marsupial Lion has. But other than that, you can take away MASSIVE amounts of HP with this creature, and I’d definitely say that it’s a good addition to the game!


This new Epic Hybrid is my personal favorite addition to the game from the 1.7 dinosaur roster. It offers so much survivability and damage output in one package that I’d be stupid to leave this dinosaur off this list. While it does an excellent job at surviving hits thanks to Long Protection and Instant Distraction, it can also really pack a punch with its Precise Rampage and a Greater Rending Counterattack! Greater Rending Counterattack is a passive that does 33% of the opponents total HP after surviving an attack. This means that if Purutaurus survives for 3 turns, the opponent WON’T. It can also get rid of negative effects like Bleeding and Distraction by using Cleansing Strike. This dinosaur is all you can ask for a Strike Event dinosaur, and I’m happy to have it in the game!


Need to survive just one hit to let the DoT take out the opposing dinosaur or need to dodge that one massive hit from the opponent? Look no further. These two pterosaurs will swoop in with their Swap in Invincibility and just soak up that hit. As long as it isn’t Defense Shattering or Nullifying that is. These dinosaurs are both Arena Exclusive, so that could hinder their viability a bit, but if you play some time in the Arena, you’ll have these two unlocked in a short amount of time.



If you ever need a good fast bleeder, look no further than this Epic Hybrid. This hybrid of the Dimorphodon and Tupandactylus should be relatively easy to obtain, even after Tupandactylus’ daily spawn restriction. With its kit composing of two bleeding moves (Lethal Wound and Swap in Wound) it has the potential to take out a full health dinosaur with two moves. The rest of its kit can aid with surviving some hits, although don’t expect too much here, as its Health stat isn’t the greatest ever. Still, it’s a valuable pick-up for all Strike Event teams.

Dracorex Gen2 + Hit and Runners

This powerful Common is quite the powerhouse, especially when paired with a Hit and Runner. The key to using this one is to bring it in when the opponent is nearly dead, and then proceed to hit everything as hard as possible with your Impact and Strike. Combining the Swap in Shattering Rampage with an Impact and Run or Strike and Run can really hurt the opposing dinosaur. Good Hit and Runners are Ornithomimus, Erlikosaurus, Stygimoloch and Delta. All four of these creatures have a gimmick of their own, and each could make this list individually. I thought that I’d bundle them with Dracorex Gen2, as they work really well with each other.


This Epic Hybrid is quite the powerhouse against anything that isn’t Immune. Its three turn Stunlock moveset is really powerful, and it can prevent the opposing dinosaur from moving for two turns. And with the Slowing Impact buff, Stegoceratops can reliably dish out damage after the Stunning moves have been used. Its great Health and 25% Armor stat also helps the survivability. An honorable mention goes out to Sinoceratops, an Epic non-hybrid who can also do this role quite well! With its two Stunning moves, one of them having priority, and a basic attack that slows the opponent down it can really hurt the opponent!

Erlikosaurus Gen2

While I first didn’t consider this guy for this article, using it in Strike Events quickly made me reconsider this. The key move to talk about here is Debilitating Distraction. With the delay removal in 1.7, this move is among the most powerful moves there is in JWA right now. 75% Distraction for two turns is quite a lot, and Erlikosaurus Gen2 has a good damage kit to use. Rampage, Minimal Speedup Strike and a good Attack stat of 1280 gives this dinosaur a good offensive kit. While utterly beaten by Superiority Strike, this dinosaur is still a good dinosaur to use in Strike Events.


Gorgosuchus and Postimetrodon are both quick, high damage dinosaurs. Using Ferocious Strike to finish off a dinosaur and then hitting them with the Defense Shattering Rampage or Impact can really put a dent in the opponent. While Gorgosuchus was gifted with a small Attack buff, Postimetrodon sadly was on the losing side of this update, gutting its Attack and a bit of its Health. But, Postimetrodon still has that great survivability with Regeneration, and its Immunity makes it immune to all negative effects. Gorgosuchus however, is a straight up damage dealer. A great attack stat combined an excellent damage dealing kit makes this a great set up dinosaur. Its Cleansing Impact also helps it with removing negative effects while still keeping the damage output high. Both are great additions to a Strike Event team, each with their own benefits.


Keeping up with great Epic Hybrids, Procerathomimus is a great damage dealer with good survivability. Its Distracting Rampage and Instant Distraction give it a sure way to survive some turns, while you could also take a gamble and use Evasive Stance. This dinosaurs is a high risk, high reward type of dinosaur, as it could be your greatest ally, or your biggest letdown.

Spinosaurus Gen2

If you want easy access to a non-hybrid Lethal Wounder, look no further. The globally spawning Spinosaurus Gen2 is (besides Suchotator) the easiest Lethal Wound user to get. Good Speed at 122 also makes it quite quick against most of the dinosaurs, allowing it to quickly put a timer on the opponent. It’s bulk is a bit to be desired though, as its 3990 HP is good, but not that amazing. Still, great dinosaur to start a Strike with if Spino is faster than the opponent!

All dinosaurs faster than 129 Speed

Need a fast finisher? Take one of these with you. Almost every dinosaur faster than 129 speed has a 2x damage move, making these dinosaurs excellent at picking off weakened opponents and cleaning up. Why faster than 129? Most meta-defining dinosaurs have 129 Speed and are often used in the Boss Strikes. Outspeeding them is quite a good thing, as it could result in them losing the battle. So far, we haven’t seen a boosted dinosaur in a Strike Event, and I really hope it stays that way. But having a 129+ Speed dinosaur can really help in taking out dinosaurs if they’re weakened!

Instant Distraction dinosaurs

If you face one of those dinosaurs that can really hit hard each other turn, it would be wise to bring an Instant Distraction dinosaur with you. Limiting the damage to only 10% of the original damage is quite handy. My personal favorite for this role is Kentrosaurus, as it can deal out some big damage afterwards. Other notable Instant Distracters are Suchotator, Procerathomimus, Wuerhosaurus, Purutaurus and the Gen2 versions of Koolasuchus and Diplocaulus.

Parting Words

There are a lot of dinosaus you can use in Strike Events, and each Strike Event has its own good counters! I just thought I’d list some of my personal favorites to use, and some I believe are really useful for lower level players! Did I miss some of your favorite dinosaurs? Please let me know down below! I’d love to hear your opinion about Strike Events in general and what dinosaurs you like to use against them! Remember to follow MetaHub on social media and on our Discord for the latest updates on JWA!

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