Explorers! It’s tournament time again! We really enjoyed the last tournament (the 2nd time around) and are excited that they have announced another one slated for this weekend. It wasn’t on the original infographic for the week so we are hoping this means they have all the bugs worked out this time.

Lesser Hybrid Skilled Tournament



  • Creatures
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Hybrids only
  • Level
    • All creatures are set to Tournament Level (Lvl 26).
  • Stat Boosts
    • Disabled

Similar to the last tournament, all creatures will be locked at level 26 with no boosts available. While this will even the playing field, be ready to start mashing buttons to try and win speed ties. Since we learned from the open skills tournament that can make or break a game. There are also far less dinos available to play with since it is only epic and rare hybrids.

The Prizes!


They changed up the prizes from last time to be even more inclusive and all prizes will be hard cash. As long as you place in the top 10,000 you will at least get your entry fee back!

What Dinos Can I use?

Unlike last tournament, the pool of dinos this time around is a lot more limited as it is only rare and epic hybrids. There are 17 total to choose from, and since we like pictures, we have a handy graphic for you (created by Piere87 from our discord server). They are broken up in tiers based off of the most recent 1.7 tier list:


Since there are fewer options, you won’t see as much of a variety in the arena, but keeping a balanced team is key. You are going to want fast dinos, but also tanks and high HP dinos that can take a hit. Also don’t forget about shield breakers and creatures that have a big damage output. All of the Apex dinos are great options to begin with as they themselves make a very well rounded team and you are most likely going to see these in the arena

Edmontoguanadon – The high health and ability, to slow, stun, and nullify make this a great utility dino on a team. With it’s swap in stun, you have a 66% chance to stall your opponent one more turn (great with paired with a bleeder). Regenerate and run allows you to get out of a bad matchup and gain more life back to come back again.

Procerathomimus – Fast, immune, and with the benefit of distracting moves and nullify moves, this dino can go head to head with almost every other dino on this list.

Purutaurus – New from 1.7, this epic hybrid has a 33% rendering counter attack that can chip away at an opponents health. Instant Distraction and long protection allows it to take a hit and precise rampage can bypass cloak and evasive for a big hit.

Stegoceratops – The OG Tyrant has a deadly combo of slowing and then 2 stunning moves that can leave your opponent dead without even getting a hit off. A high health pool and armor make this an even better Sinoceratops (that everyone claimed was king of the last tournament).

Suchotator – The King of strikes has a rightful place on any team. It can bleed an opponent and then use instant distract to stall while their health diminishes. Superiority strike can also deal with some of the distracting dinos.

Filling out the rest of the team

While the 5 listed below aren’t required, I have a feeling most teams will be running those dinos. So it might be best to fill out the rest of your team with creatures that counter those.

Postimetrodon is a great option with immunity and a high turn 2 damage output. Immunity will be especially helpful going against the stunning, bleeding, and distracting dinos listed above. Purrolyth also got a complete re-work that moved it up 5 tiers on the tier list. It also has a rending counter attack as well as long protection and ferocious strike. Something worth noting on this dino: the ferocious carries over to the rendering counter attack increasing the damage output significantly.

Other notables include Gorgosuchus and Einasuchus. These 2 work best when you can revenge kill something and be ready with a big hit on anything else that comes out. If set up right, Gorgosuchus can rip through whole teams. Diplotator is also a sleeper worth noting. It has a little bit of everything with distracting, ferocious, nulllify, and defense shattering moves. Its 127 speed makes it the 2nd fastest dino in the bunch!

Parting Words

We didn’t mention all 17 dinos that are available to use so find the team composition that works best for you. Having a variety of dinos available will be key. We are really excited about the change in prizes as it’s even more incentive to go for a top spot. Most importantly though, Have Fun! This is a great way to get away from the regular arena and play with some dinos we haven’t seen a a while and are near and dear to our heart (looking at you Gorgosuchus and Einasuchus!). Also makes sure to come check out our Discord channel for all the tournament talk and team help!

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