Explorers, this Epic Strike Event features the all the Scary Dinosaurs part of the Halloween Extravaganza! This is a quite difficult Strike as it brings a lot of variety to compared to what one may be used to, so make sure that you go through this guide to avoid any unfortunate surprises, but make sure to complete as you are getting an EPIC INCUBATOR at the final stage, along with three Incubators on the way there! On top of it, the pool of potential Dinosaurs from these Incubators is really small, so the odds of getting good DNA are really high! Without further ado, here is your guide for the ten step Epic Strike Event: Terror Strike.

Enemy List

Step 1: Tanycolagreus (6) + Allosaurus (7) + Suchotator (8)
Step 2: Spinosaurus (7) + Gorgosaurus (8) + Velociraptor (9)
Step 3: Tanycolagreus (8) + Allosaurus (9) + Suchotator (10)
Step 4: Spinosaurus (9) + Gorgosaurus (10) + Velociraptor (11)
Step 5: Tanycolagreus (10) + Allosaurus (11) + Suchotator (12)
Step 6: Spinosaurus (11) + Gorgosaurus (12) + Velociraptor (13)
Step 7: Tanycolagreus (12) + Allosaurus (13) + Suchotator (14)
Step 8: Spinosaurus (13) + Gorgosaurus (14) + Velociraptor (15)
Step 9: Tanycolagreus (14) + Allosaurus (15) + Suchotator (16)
Step 10: Tyrannosaurus Rex (15) + Gorgosuchus (16) + Indominus Rex (17)


As you may have noticed, this Strike Event is really the first of its kind as it brings a lot of variety into battle! Our first advice: Patience! There isn’t a Dinosaur that is a good counter to all of these, except for maybe Stegodeus or Diloranosaurus. But let’s be honest, not everyone has one of those yet!

Speed will certainly be useful to some extent. Make sure to bring your own Velociraptor to the fight! It outspeeds every Dinosaur that you will face during this Strike.

Otherwise, for the first nine steps, make sure that you have one or two Dinosaurs with the ability to cleanse themselves due to the debuff from Velociraptor’s Pounce and the damage over time from Suchotator. Dinosaurs with this move include, but are not limited to the followings:


For the final step, Velociraptor will once again prove very useful, but you may want to bring something with a shield or nullifying ability to counter the potential Cloak buff from Indominus Rex! We all know this one is a killer!


Step 1

100 Coins

Step 2

200 Coins

Step 3

Step 4

300 Coins

Step 5

Step 6

500 Coins

Step 7

Step 8

1000 Coins

Step 9

1500 Coins

Step 10

Potential DNA in Incubators

EpicTyrannosaurus RexGorgosuchus
Legendary (very very small odds)Indominus Rex

We are also getting reports that some players are also rewarded with a single DNA from Indoraptor. While it’s not a game-changer in any way, one DNA is quite funny considering that you really cannot do anything with that single DNA!

In Conclusion

This is definitely not the most difficult strike event that we have had yet, but it is quite a challenge considering the variety of Dinosaurs that it brings into the battle!

As always, share any other strategies that worked for you in the comments below and let us know if you’d like more guides on any particular subject that is challenging you in Jurassic World Alive!

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  1. If you don’t have an Alankylosaurus yet, bring at least an Alanqa (I’m assuming most people already have after the pterosaur events) against the Indominus. Swap it in as soons as it cloaks to tank the first rampage, then use long invinc to block the next impact and rampage which leaves it with only a normal strike when your shield wears off. You get a total of 3 rounds to deal damage (maybe even 4, depending on indo dmg + alanqa lvl) which is around 2.5k for a lvl 11.
    I used this strategy back then to beat the lvl 30 Indominus strike and it worked out pretty well ^^