Welcome Explorers, to this Strike Event Overview!

This time, we’re faced against 4 level 30 dinosaurs who are the starter pack for a good team! Let’s see how we beat these dinosaurs!

Enemy Overview:

Tyrannosaurus Rex (30), Euoplocephalus (30), Apatosaurus (30), Velociraptor (30)

These dinosaurs are incredibly varied, with all of them having one of the highest stat in the game. Rex with attack, Euoplo with armor, Apato with health, and Velo with speed. This makes this Strike Event quite difficult due to all the issues it presents. Let’s see how we can beat these dinosaurs.


There isn’t a clear way to beat this strike for a step-by-step guide, as the order of the dinosaurs coming out isn’t the same for everyone. One thing that’s sure, is that Rexy comes out first. So your first dinosaur should be able to kill or get Rexy at low health. Bleeding it is a fantastic option, as Rexy has the highest attack stat in the game (2188 at level 30!), so distraction isn’t always the best option if your dinosaurs is low health. Lethal Wound users like Spinotasuchus, Suchotator and Dimodactylus are great options to start the fight with.

After this, the AI can switch into three dinosaurs: Velo, Euoplo and Apato. I’m going to give you a quick how-to-beat strategy on these dinosaurs to help you.

Velociraptor: 2371 health, 1605 attack, 132 speed

The fastest dino in the game lacks Armor Piercing attacks, so if you have a tank at decent level, use it. Dinosaurs like Stegodeus, Tragodistis, Stegoceratops and Brachiosaurus should be able to beat this dinosaur with little effort.

Euoplocephalus: 5470 health, 1094 attack, 40% armor

40% armor and a decent health pool make Euoplo a problem if you’re using a dinosaur without Armor Piercing or Defense Shattering attacks. Another issue is that it can also hit quite hard with Rampage and Vulnerability Strike. Use a high health dinosaurs with Armor Piercing attacks like Indominus, Trykosaurus, Rexy or the more common chompers. Bleeding is also a good strategy to beating this one. Dimodactylus, Suchotator, Spinosaurus G2 are great Lethal Wound users that are reasonably cheap to get.

Apatosaurus: 7290 health, 1216 attack

Due to the massive health pool I’d suggest to bleed this dinosaur. Use bleeders like Suchotator, Spinosaurus and the GEN 2 version and other bleeders to dispatch of this meat shield of a dino.


This Strike Event gives you an Epic Incubator with DNA and coins. The amount received depends on your player level.

Submitted Strategies

Due to this article being a bit on the late side, our apologies for that, we could get some strategies out of our Discord server! Massive thanks to everyone who submitted them, and if you want to submit strategies, come join the Discord server!

There isn’t a guarantee the same order happens to you, but these strategies should help you formulate your own!

Strategy one: How I did it

Dinosaurs used: L19 Spinotasuchus, L21 Trykosaurus, L16 Suchotator, L18 Monostegotops in the back.

T1: lead Spinota, Lethal Wound, Rex kills it.
T2: Tryko uses Instant Distraction, Rex dsr.
T3: Tryko kills Rex
T4: Euoplo comes in and rampages, Tryko use Instant Distraction to weaken the hit
T5: Tryko used Defense Shattering Rampage while Euoplo used Vulnerability Strike
Rinse and repeat till Euoplo drops.
When the next dinosaur comes in, hit it as hard as possible till Tryko dies, bring in Suchotator and bleed, and you should win, as Suchotator does well against Velo and Apato.

Strategy two: provided by Malicious from our Discord Server

Used Dinosaurs: Suchotator, Trykosaurus

T1: Went Sucho-> LW Rex and dies
T2: Tryko used ID to soften up the Rex Defense Shattering Rampage, then Tryko uses Defense Shattering Strike on Rex. Euoplo comes in: Instant Invincibility the Euoplo Rampage, Tryko uses DSR on the Euoplo and the turn after uses Instant Distraction on the Rampage from Euplo and then the Tryko kills the Euoplo.
Velo comes in, I went ID, it switched to Apato…. Then switched back to Velo that ate a Rampage

Strategy three: provided by Rt from our Discord Server

Used dinosaurs: Thoradolosaur, Indoraptor

It went Rex > Euplo > apato > velo. I started Thor and killed Rex. Then Euplo killed Thor and I brought out Indo. Indo killed Euplo and apato hit me once. Instead of attacking again, the 7k+ full health apato swapped into velo which got one shot by my Indo’s cleansing impact.

Parting Words

This Strike Event is a mix of all things, as each of these dinosaurs excel at a certain stat. But even then, this Strike Event shouldn’t be as difficult as it seems, even with some lower level dinosaurs. We hope you were victorious and if you were, let us know how you did it! Join the discussion on our Discord Server and talk with us about the game in general! Happy hunting!

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