Explorers! On the final day of the week, we get an Expert level Epic Strike! This time, we’re faced against three Epic creatures specializing in swap-preventing! Let’s see how we deal with these three dinosaurs!

Enemy Overview

Darwinopterus (24), Gryposuchus (25), Diplodocus (26)


These creatures all have Swap Preventing moves, and therefore, swapping around will most likely not be possible. However, there’s still a way to defeating these dinosaurs. Let’s go over them individually and then discuss some overall great dinosaurs to use here.


This flying menace comes equipped with a Swap in Wound and will most likely swap in on you when you’ll first see it. The trick to defeating this bugger is to hit it when it’s at its weakest: the turn it swaps in. Try and either slow it down or hit it as hard as possible when it enters to really hurt it. Darwin doesn’t have very high HP (2722), so it is possible to KO it in a few turns with decently leveled dinosaurs. Dinosaurs like Stegoceratops, Sinoceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex will be excellent at punishing the Swap in Wound it carries.


The only dinosaur without a Swap in Effect in this Strike, this will most likely be the big hitter. With its Ferocious Strike it can really hit you hard, especially with the 20% Crit Chance it has. That’s not all. Gryposuchus has decent bulk with its 20% Armor and 3858 Health, so bringing some hard hitters is really useful. Other strategies to use are DoT and Rending Attacks. One thing you need to remember is that Gryposuchus is surprisingly fast, with its 116 speed. Don’t forget this!


The big meat shield of this Strike Event, Diplodocus hits 5850 health at level 26. Furthermore, its 1150 Attack stat give it the ability to dish out some good damage with the Decelerating Rampage it has. On the topic of Slowing, Diplodocus also has that Swap in Slow. So you can expect this dinosaur to be swapping in on you. Try and bleed it at the turn it swaps in. This will save you a lot of effort taking out that massive Health pool. Another thing to do is use a Rending Attacker like Marsupial Lion or Purutaurus. M.L. in particular seems great for punishing the Swap in Slow. You Prowl on the turn it swaps in, cleansing the Slow away, and on the next turn you hit it with a massive hit that drains 75% of their Health! Another way of beating Diplodocus is chomping it to death. Tyrannosaurids will handle this guy quickly IF they can survive a couple of turns.

What dinosaurs do I use?

Good question! Some dinosaurs are better than others, and I’m going to list some of the best ones to use right here.

  • Stegoceratops – A beast of a Swap-in punisher, this dinosaur should be able to rack up some high damage with the two Impacts it has and the Stunning Strike.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex – Another great Swapping punisher, the high damage output it provides is excellent. Most of these dinosaurs also have quite the health pool, so having a high damage dealer is quite useful.
  • Suchotator – Strike Event MVP Suchotator is back, bringing some more DoT action! This dinosaur is especially useful against Diplodocus, but it can be used against Gryposuchus as well. I wouldn’t recommend using it when Darwinopterus swaps in, there are better dinosaurs to deal with that one.
  • Marsupial Lion – Another great swapping punisher, the combination of Prowl and Rending Takedown make this dinosaur too great not to mention. The cleansing of Prowl really helps with the Swap in Wound and Swap in Slow.
  • Purutaurus – Want a guaranteed way of taking a dinosaur out in 3 turns? Purutaurus has got your back. With its Greater Rending Counterattack it really shines against high health creatures. The defensive capabilities are great too, having Instant Distraction and Long Protection available.
  • Any boosted creature you got – With the infamous Stat Boosts almost every dinosaur can be viable to take these three dinosaurs out. If you have a creature that’s boosted and can pierce Armor, bringing it won’t be a bad idea at all.


Winning this Strike Event will reward you with an Epic Incubator filled with Coins and the following possible DNA:

  • Common: Sarcosuchus, Lythronax, Purussaurus Gen2, Dimorphodon
  • Rare: Scaphognathus, Megalosaurus, Purussaurus
  • Epic: Diplodocus, Darwinopterus, Gryposuchus

Parting Words

Thank goodness the Lockdown Pool had an overhaul, this is an amazing dinosaur pool! This makes going out and doing this Strike Event a worthwhile thing to do, as some of the dinosaurs here have great hybrids that are definitely end-game worthy! Did you defeat this Strike Event? Let us know what you got! Follow MetaHub on social media and join our Discord to be up-to-date whenever something JWA comes out!

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